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Book a session with a personal stylist for FREE! We'll work with your style, time frame and budget. If you don't know your style, we'll help you discover it! We can also help you buy a gift for the woman in your life. (Yes, a lot of men love this service!)

Our stylists can help you put together a fabulous outfit or wardrobe! Book a personal session with one of our talented stylists. If you just want a little more individual attention, and especially if you hate clothes shopping, this is the way to go! 

Marisa in Modeling Studio

Discover Your Inner Super Model!

A few years ago, Marisa did a modeling shoot for a line of jewelry she was designing. It was so much fun that she thought that every woman should have the same experience, regardless of shape, size, color, or age!

If you decide to be a Super Model for us, the photos that will be taken of you are professional photos shot in our full-size modeling studio, right in the store.

We will use the photos on our social media and tag you, giving us great exposure to your friends. You get high quality, amazing photos to download and show off. It is a win-win!

There is a Super Model in each of us...you just have to find her!